3 Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Ads

Every company needs killer ads to thrive. We’ve picked the brains of the design darlings–Melissa Caloca and Jamie Markey–in our Design Department for their top-three tips for creating awesome ads that grab customers’ attention. Take a look at what they had to say!   


1.       Imagery. “Engaging in imagery that has stopping power is important. You want to create something that will grab people’s attention. Don’t settle for the average look. Pops of color will freshen up the look, too.” -Jamie 

2.       Simplicity. “Avoid overdoing content. Don’t allow your ad to become so busy with text that you lose sight of what you’re trying to get across to the customer.” -Melissa  

3.       Clever Placement. “Be mindful of the placement you choose for headlines and copy. Push the boundaries and be creative when organizing the ad. Strive to be different!”-Melissa 

We love the creative minds in our digital department, and we’re impressed daily with their excitement for our clients’ print and digital ads.   


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