Back-to-School Marketing Trends for 2017



The end of the summer is near. Soon, parents and children will be hitting the stores for back-to-school shopping.  From school supplies to new clothes there are so many stops to make! Every business is running the same race this time of year, but how can you ensure that your deals and products stand out from the competitors? Take a look at the top three back-to-school marketing trends this year!


  1. Nothing is ‘one size fits all’ anymore. Businesses are striving to be different and create a ‘fun’ environment for hitting the books! Advertising the right products for specific groups of people for the right price will grab consumers attention and create new loyal customers.
  2. Timing is of utmost importance. For example, office and school-supply spending starts to rise in August when teachers send parents their supply lists. Another leap in school-supply spending follows in September as parent’s rush to purchase any forgotten items. Businesses want to be prepared for both periods of increased traffic.
  3. The largest growing trend for back to school marketing is, of course, online shopping. Parents can avoid the high traffic of the aisles and searching through piles of scattered supplies for the perfect composition notebook. With mega online retailers like Amazon and Walmart offering the same products customers will find in store with free shipping, Parents are choosing the convenience of shopping from home.


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